Providence, RI, 2016-2017, archival inkjet prints from scanned black and white 4 x 5 negatives, 17" x 22."

RE:turn represents a return to my artistic roots in photography and to inhabiting unoccupied spaces: two of my former loves. This selection of photographs is the first installment from an ongoing series celebrating the queer body, identity, and gaze. This subset of images intends to capture the power and force of the queer woman as she unapologetically turns and faces my camera. Using a 4 x 5 view camera allows me to be physically present with the work as the subjects are physically present with me, creating a fleeting yet visceral relationship between photographer and subject. The act of making a photograph with a large camera—carefully positioning, focusing, and metering—is a unique collaboration. This project is simultaneously helping me clarify my queer and gender identities, as well as my identity as an artist and photographer.