Visualizing ‘A Completed Portrait of Picasso’ II is a digital, physical, audio-visual interpretation of Gertrude Stein’s poem, "If I Told Him, A Completed Portrait of Picasso." This representation is the second piece in an ongoing fascination and digital interpretation of the poem. The first piece was created for the Virtual Reality Cave at Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, which immerses the viewer in a three dimensional, virtual sphere. This particular installation builds off the motifs and visual language established in the first iteration. This piece consists of a constructed wood frame with embedded laser cut acrylic with the words of Stein's poem. The audio emanating from the frame is comprised of Stein's reading of the poem alongside a computerized reading. Using LEDs and an Arduino board, the words spoken illuminate from behind in real time.

This project brings Gertrude Stein’s poem into a digital space, adding another level of ‘completion’ to the ‘portrait of Picasso’ by bridging the old and the new. The simultaneous reading of the poem by Stein herself as well as a computer voice embody this historical/modern connection. Visualizing ‘A Completed Portrait of Picasso’ II works to both celebrate and remix the creative work of Stein and Picasso.

Providence, RI, 2015, 24" x 32".

Made in collaboration with Marley Rafson.